Moquette Carpets

The Moquette section is considered vital and essential for customers as it is indispensable for carpeting certain areas in the house, providing both aesthetic beauty and comfort to the feet while walking.

Ilac Certificate and Quality

The manufacturers supplying Moquette Carpets are required to have the Ilac certificate, a certification ensuring the quality of the carpets. This certificate guarantees that all materials used in carpet manufacturing are not cancer-causing. It is obtained with the approval of America, covering the dyeing, manufacturing, and processing stages.

Moquette Materials

Polyester: This material is characterized by its soft pile and its ability to prevent static electricity between the body and the carpet.
Nylon: Moquette made from nylon is relatively rough in texture and has compressed pile.

Moquette Sizes

Moquette is available in various sizes, including roll width of 3.66 meters or 4 meters with lengths of 18, 20, and 25 meters.


Moquette thickness ranges from 6mm to 18mm, offering different options based on preferences and needs.


Moquette is available in various designs, including classic, modern, plain, and embossed patterns.


Moquette is manufactured in Belgium and Turkey.
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