Flooring Accessories

Parquet Accessories:

A perfect parquet floor also requires the right accessories. Gulf furniture offer a wide range of accessories that are ensuring your floor can be installed and maintained properly. Our wide selection of flooring accessories is one of the biggest in Doha Qatar and has everything you need including underlay, adhesives, skirting, beading, thresholds and reducers and T-bar. Gulf Furniture you will find every parquet accessory that you will ever need, to complete laying the parquet in your home

Parquet Accessories:


We offer two types of skirting: MDF skirting and PVC skirting.

MDF skirting: Available in various heights to complement different parquet colors.

  • 9cm height, 15mm thickness, 2.4m length.
  • 11cm height, 15mm thickness, 2.7m length.
  • 14cm height, 17mm thickness, 2.4m length.

PVC skirting: These skirting are water-resistant and unaffected by moisture due to their compressed foam material.

Skirting Dimensions:

  • Height: 9cm
  • Length: 2.4m
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Available in all colors to match parquet shades.
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Comprehensive Range of Parquet Accessories at Gulf Furniture Qatar
Comprehensive Selection of Flooring Accessories Available at Gulf Furniture Qatar
Durable Water-Resistant PVC Skirting Available at Gulf Furniture Doha

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